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Nov. 14, 2010
Will we see each other
After all this is over?
Will we find in each other's eyes
All the truths beneath our lies?
When all the sky's a deeper red
And all our loved ones have dropped dead
Will our pain help us understand
All the blood that soaks our hands?
Have all the deaths turned out worthwhile
Just to see our children laugh and smile?
Each step they take had cost a life
Someone's father, their lover or wife
Do our tears make up for it all?
For how swiftly we caused them to fall?
Their dying screams that haunt our sleep
Are all we have of them to keep
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It comes in waves
Hitting harder each time
Pulling back for strength
Then charging like soldiers in line
It is never still
It is never calm
It is a live grenade
Sitting on my palm
And though I wish to face it
I know I'll only drown
For each time that I jump up
I will eventually fall down
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No Fighting Fate
It's too late for us to ever be apart
It's too late for us to have a change of heart
Can't you see, we're knee-deep in our shit?
Can't you see that all the right pieces fit?
What's the world to offer us that we haven't already got?
What other battle is there that we haven't already fought?
These wounds you see that pepper our skin
Are they not our penance for our unspoken sin?
We kiss, we make love, we fight and we bleed
We reap what we sow, but we burnt our last seed
There's tears in our eyes and truth in our words
Can't we please put down our shields and our swords?
It's time to stop this silly little game
'cause we both know it always ends the same
When it's meant to happen, there is no escape
Since this love is true, there's no fighting fate
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Sunflower by waydownhere Sunflower :iconwaydownhere:waydownhere 3 0 Stop and Smell the Flowers by waydownhere Stop and Smell the Flowers :iconwaydownhere:waydownhere 1 0 Clouds by waydownhere Clouds :iconwaydownhere:waydownhere 2 0
I have lost myself
Or what I thought of as me
I see that now
Feel it in the wind
When it whispers empty songs
and I stand unmoved
The sun has lost its shine
Flowers, their luster
And the stars, their twinkle
I fold into myself
Trying to grasp
the profound nothingness
I have been reduced to
I lay in the dark
hollow and bereft
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A Method to my Madness
I am an enigma to myself
A walking riddle yet to be solved
Burdened with so much grief
I am yet to be absolved
From a childhood, lost and forgotten
From a trust that was sourly taken
From a heart, forever broken
From a truth soon to be spoken
I am swimming against a current
Of an existence so senseless
Incessantly, I am searching
For a method to my madness
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They are fickle things
Capricious and spasmodic
They change course like the wind
They are uncertain
Unstable on their own feet
We dream big
Only to live so small
Oh, dreams!
What playful things
They stay put just long enough
For people to shatter them
They are grains of sand in our fists
Water running through rocks
They live only to change
And we dream only to give up
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The night is cold
But I’m warm inside
I am a part of the world
And apart from it as well
When the pain seizes my heart
I am an immortal sunlight
Touching the ground briefly
Then bouncing back to the sky
When happiness surrounds me
I am rooted to the Earth
Its nutrients seeping through my skin
And I glow like a playful sprite
I am nowhere and everywhere at once
I give myself fully, and I keep everything inside
I am, always and forever
And I shall never be
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Army of Tears
A war rages on in her eyes
The red of blood dancing in her sights
Closing them to what they seek
A velvet tear stains her satin cheek
Up and over her strawberry lips
On to her heart it quietly creeps
Where it molds into her skin
To find a battle that she can win
For in her hands her gun is dead
Making her palms its final bed
While overhead the planes have crashed
And on the ground the tanks are smashed
She fights this battle on her own
And she knows she’ll lose it all alone
So she makes armies of her tears
Then waits until the thick fog clears
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Her Freedom
She stumbles out of his mouth
Like soldiers from an open gate
Crying freedom and life
Unaware of their doomed fate
Brandishing swords and guns
High into the air
All the while lamenting
Never smelling their lover’s hair
She too knows the dangers
But still she dives headfirst
As if the air outside
Would quench her ancient thirst
Like blood gushing out
She spills on to the floor
Knowing full well
That this shall be her lore
And so she splats
So very messy and hard
Then she floats away
Leaving behind her heart
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The Fallen Star
She stands illuminated against the backdrop of the night
Her hair flowing, her skin shining so bright
One hand clasps her heart, the other reaches for the sky
But on her face, a look that says she knows she can’t fly
She’s bound to Earth, like a wish to a star
Forever longing for a place so far
She’s been trapped for hundreds of years
Keeping only the company of her tears
She sings songs so sad that sound like the wind
Pleading for freedom from this world so mean
But no one ever answers for she’s all alone
No matter how loud she sang, or how bright she shone
So she stays, trapped and rotting alive
Slowly succumbing and losing her drive
So she bids her moon farewell and leaves the shore
Then she tumbles down finally and is seen no more
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No. 168
Let me tell you of the wonders of this house
You’ve lived here all your life but know not its secrets
There is a room where children vanish mysteriously
Only to return aged and confused
People forget their roles, lose their script
In one instant, an infant cries all night
While the mother closes the door
It’s a place where monsters come not from darkness
But in fancy suits and shiny cars
They come stealthily, in the middle of the night
Your only protection deaf and no where to be found
Ah! Your eyes have been closed this whole time
It’s no wonder you have not seen
The splendor of this palace, the might of its sword
Poor fellow, it’s time to open them wide
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The Girl Inside 2
Quietly into the night, she stalks unbidden
Searching for something that’s very well-hidden
Not treasure nor requited love
Guided only by the moon above
She hides from its shine but follows it around
Searching from the skies to below the ground
Finding her only ally in her shadow
She also finds in it a formidable foe
Standing firm and saying ‘nay’
Each time she seems to be finding her way
As if determined to keep her behind
And laugh heartily at her timely decline
She must fight it if she wants to succeed
If she really wants to find what she needs
Push past her shadow, well into the night
And finally find the girl inside
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The Cycle
Messy, bloody
Spilling on the floor
Eyes wide shut
And just begging for more
The pain, the pleasure
The brief escape
It’s a hunger
She longs to satiate
Just one more
She swears it’s the last
But the feeling it gives
Just leaves so fast
So she cheats herself
And goes in again
Who knows exactly
When the cycle ends?
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When I started this account, I really didn't think I'd have much to submit. But now I've reached my 100th deviation (after more than 2 years) and I just wanted to celebrate.


Yeah, that's me celebrating.

So my 100th deviation isn't my best...but I'm still happy that it's my 100th because it's Twilight-inspired. Yeah, I'm pathetic.

I'm off to bed now.
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